BNI 12’s Team Storm Riders has raised over $90,000 in total and $20,000 this year. It was a great success in the support of our friend #JonathanCohenStrong and the movement to beat Rare Cancer. The indoor team cycling events are held at Equinox nationwide, and 100% of all money raised directly funds lifesaving rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK.) BNI 12 and Team Storm Riders will ride again on March 10, 2019.

You can still donate at

Diane Rooney beats 1:55080 odds, wins over $1800 in our lottery!

We all witnessed an amazing moment in luck. Every week, BNI 12 has a door prize, Diane's name was drawn from referrals passed that day, and won a Regis package of over $500. Odds of winning was 1:51. 

Then there is also a SEPARATE weekly raffle lottery, but to get a chance to win, one must first get their name picked from a bowl and then pull the Queens of Hearts out of deck of cards. Diane won a chance to pull the Queens of Hearts. Odds this week was 1:60.

To pull the winning card out of the deck, odds are 1:52. But each week when there is no winner, the card is ripped up, lowering the odds. With no winners over the last 34 weeks, there were 18 cards left. The pot had accumulated to $1800.  Diane pulled the Queens of Hearts! Odds are winning 1:18.

Odds winning all three 1:55080 winning $1800 cash and Regis Door prize of $500 worth 0f services. It was amazing to watch. Congratulations to Diane Rooney!

Project Laser Beam Hot Seats

Please review this list of our LASER BEAM HOT SEATS!  YOU want filled in the chapter-
Tomorrow after you say your tag line you will need to tell us WHO YOU ARE GOING TO TARGET AS A VISITOR FROM THIS LIST TO BRING IN JANUARY/FEBRUARY
Help your team win the contest and your fellow members grow their businesses!

Open Chairs
BNI 12 is currently have open chairs in the following:

- Non-profit consultant
- Caterer/Corporate Caterer
- Public Relations Agency
- Copywriter
- Doctors--Podiatrist, Optometrist, Female MD, MD
- HR: Human Resources Director,
- Executive Recruiter,
- Commercial Real Estate Attorney

- Facilities Manager
- Office Supplies
- Psychotherapist