Tina Larsson


Company: The Folson Group
Profession: Property Management and Consulting
Power Team: Residential Real Estate
Phone: 917-648-8151
Email: tina@thefolsongroup.com
Twitter: @FolsonGRP
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Tina is looking for referrals to: (not limited to)
Co-op & Condo Board Members; Co-op & Condo owners who can introduce us to their board members, as well as Owners of Rental Buildings

About The Folson Group:
The Folson Group is a disrupter in the residential real estate industry. They are financial consultants and efficiency experts to the residential real estate industry serving buildings greater than 5 units nationwide. Folson’s partners utilize their combined 50+ years of Wall Street analyst skills reviewing multi-billion dollar companies, and apply the same methods to million dollar buildings. Whether building’s costs are fixed or variable, large or small, Folson finds inefficiencies, alternatives and savings in which normally result in cost reductions of 5-10% of annual costs. With a focus on efficiencies, it also provides Project Management & Property Management Services. 
About Tina Larsson:
Tina Larsson has over 20 years of experience as a financial analyst. She strives to find value for her clients and takes a holistic approach to doing so. Her big-picture analysis and passion for numbers created a disrupter in the real estate management industry. She excels in finding outliers and creating value for her clients and their residents, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the value that she creates.

Tina is deeply involved within her community, devoting many hours to pro-bono activities. Ms. Larsson is currently an officer of the East 72 Street Neighborhood Association, a local advocacy group she helped found. Since 2011, Tina has been serving as the Chair of the Financial Advisory Board of 305/72 Owners Corp. in New York City. Tina also devotes time as a mentor to Baruch College’s Executives on Campus, Pace University’s graduate student intern program, and as a volunteer to the Doe Fund. Ms. Larsson holds a B.A. and M.B.A., both from Pace University, New York.