Kateryna Rybka


Company: Compass
Profession: Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Phone: 917-403-6127
Email: kateryna.rybka@compass.com

About Kateryna Rybka:
Dynamic New York City real estate professional Kateryna Rybka considers it her honor and privilege to help clients as they move through life's many stages. She's guided clients from rentals to their first home purchases and through upsizing and downsizing as their needs change. Through it all, Kateryna is motivated to exceed their expectations and earn clients and friends for life.

She's skilled, diligent and methodical, but Kateryna is also calm, compassionate and able to navigate even the most challenging transactions to a successful conclusion. She's a Certified Negotiation Expert, and her extensive background in financial services has honed her relationship management and marketing skills and her keen ability to interact with people from all backgrounds.

A native of Crimea on the Black Sea, Kateryna earned a master's degree in international relations and diplomacy from Seton Hall and has lived in New York City for more than 16 years. She is a resident of the West Village, and her son attends Greenwich Village School, PS 41. Deeply spiritual and focused on self-improvement, Kateryna practices yoga and meditation. She's a believer in sustainable living and an avid supporter of Greenwich House, a nonprofit providing services for New Yorkers of all ages.

Jac Zagoory


Company: Jac Zagoory Designs
Phone: 212-777-6003
Email: sales@jaczagoory.com

Jac Zagoory is an accomplished designer, jeweler, welder, and metal fabricator.

His focus and passion are designs that ease the challenges of daily living.

Products he either designs or promotes for sale afford clients the ability to function at full potential with joy in their daily lives.

Jac loves riding both his bicycle and motorcycle. He has authored two books: A TIME TO WATCH: The Wrist

Watch as Art. And, Pen Passion: A Cylindrical Obsession.

Roger Stavis


Company: Mintz & Gold LLP
Power Team: Legal
Office: 212-696-4848
Mobile: 212-696-1231
Email: stavis@mintzandgold.com

Roger Stavis is one of New York’s most experienced and respected criminal defense attorneys. He has tried more than 100 cases to verdict in state and federal courts, many of which were high-profile, complex, multi-defendant cases. Mr. Stavis has also argued more than 100 appeals in various state and federal courts around the country.

Mr. Stavis is a former prosecutor and is the former Chairman of the Criminal Courts Committee of the New York City Bar Association.

Other Practice Areas

  • Civil Litigation

  • Appellate Practice

  • Regulatory Investigations

Sherri Phillips

Sherri Phillips

Companies:  Deutsch Photography, Inc.
Profession:  Co-owner & Business Manager
Phone:  646-420-8355
Website:  www.deutschphoto.com
Email:  sherri@deutschphoto.com
LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/sherriphillips/
Facebook:  facebook.com/DeutschPhotography/
Instagram:  Instagram.com/deutschphoto/

Sherri is looking for referrals to:
Corporate event planners, wedding planners, social event planners, marketing & HR directors for corporations & non-profits, and individuals who are planning weddings, mitzvahs, anniversary & birthday parties and other private events.

Deutsch Photography’s Specialty: 
Corporate events like conventions, seminars, holiday parties, anniversaries & team-building retreats;  non-profit events like galas, fundraisers & awards ceremonies; and private events like weddings, mitzvahs, anniversary and birthday parties, and christenings. Our photography will capture and convey the essence of what makes you, your company, and your events special and unique. We have a photo-journalistic style with a personal touch.

About Sherri:
I co-own and manage Deutsch Photography, Inc., a NYC-based studio.  I happily ditched my twenty-year career in advertising to go all-in with my husband and partner on our own photography business.  He’s our chief photographer and I run the business, which has been more exhilarating and rewarding than I ever would have dreamed.  The photography that moves me always suggests a story behind the image, which is why I love the range of our clients. We work with people from all over the world, from moms & dads to mom-&-pops to start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 500s.

I came to NYC by way of GA, TX & CA, and live here with my husband, Brett Deutsch, and SamTheDog.

Caryn Montak

Caryn Montak

Company: X-Act Contracting Corp.
Profession: General Contractor
Power Team: Residential Real Estate
Phone: 212-725-0310 x105
Email: Caryn@xactcontracting.com

For over 30 years, X-Act Contracting has built some of Long Island's most high-profile boutiques and homes. In the Hamptons and New York City, X-Act Contracting Corp. collaborates with owners and architects on everything from historic restorations to luxe bathrooms/kitchen, full gut renovations and even building new homes. X-Act Contracting, builds a diverse array of projects with breathtaking result.

Ideal Referrals for Caryn are:

Architects, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers
1st time home buyers, or dual homes in NYC & The Hamptons

Good Partnerships would be:

Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC companies

Alex Leybov

Alex Leybov

Company: LBV Equities
Profession: Commercial Real Estate Finance
Power Team: Commercial Real Estate
Phone: 917-617-2548
Email: aleybov@lbv-equities.com

Corporate Overview:

LBV Equities is a boutique commercial real estate consulting firm launched in September 2018 to provide tailored capital solutions to property owners, builders and aspiring investors in the commercial real estate arena.
Utilizing expertise and insights gained both on and off Wall Street, LBV Equities assists commercial real estate investors in sourcing debt and equity capital, helping to negotiate transaction terms, and advising with regard to commercial real estate investment strategies.
The firm’s debt capital focus lies primarily between $2 and $200 million, leveraging a network of 100+ capital markets relationships.   

In the case of equity or preferred equity capital, LBV Equities aspires to match clients of similar investment philosophies, ensuring that long-term and amicable relationships are able to flourish and be sustained.

Although based in New York City, LBV Equities has a national scope, frequently pursuing assignments across the entire United States.

About the Founder:

After 14 years in the institutional commercial real estate debt markets, Alex Leybov is LBV Equities’ principal.  Alex’s experience in the industry spans corporate REIT and REOC credit analysis and lending, structuring, CMBS securitization, and commercial mortgage underwriting and origination.

Throughout his career, Alex has helped to launch and build numerous commercial real estate lending businesses within a variety of banks and REITs.  Most recently, Alex headed CMBS lending and bridge loan production management at Arbor Realty Trust, a publicly traded mortgage REIT.  Prior to that, he was an originator with Credit Suisse’s CMBS investment banking team, covering a multitude of mortgage broker, commercial real estate owner, and institutional client relationships across the United States.  In 2012, Alex helped to launch and grow the national CMBS lending business at Bancorp Bank, taking responsibility for the securitization component of the business.  Prior to that, Alex spent approximately six years in various roles within a publicly traded commercial mortgage REIT.


Aryn Chapman

Aryn Chapman-143_Crop.jpg

Company: Ax3 Studio
Profession: Principal & Senior Event Producer
Power Team: Events
Phone: 917-650-5095
Email: Aryn@ax3studios.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-ladder-group-pr

About Aryn Chapman:

An accomplished event designer and producer, Aryn’s career began in theatre and film production where she honed her eye for detail and grace under pressure. Since then, she has made a name for herself with her imaginative concepts, innovative themes and her ability to create unforgettable events.

Aryn has worked with a variety of international clients, producing meetings and conferences from concept to clean-up.

Favorite quote: “The world is flat right up until the day it is round.”

Drew Blumenthal


Company: Digital Drew SEM
Power Team: Business Services
Phone: 917-513-0533

About Digital Drew SEM:

Digital Drew SEM is a search and social media advertising agency that ensures quality and value for all of our clients. Our services include: creating ad copy, and targeting on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We take pride in providing top quality and personalized customer service for each individual client. We value your time as much as we value ours and will ensure your satisfaction with the services that will be provided.

On a daily basis we optimize your search and social media accounts giving you the lowest cost per click and ensures your budget is fully maximized. Along with serving ads we offer valuable data that helps to improve your understanding of your customer base. You can learn details about your target audience such as: what device type, day of the week, hour of week, geographic location (down to the zip code), age, gender, and more of who are clicking on your ads and who are converting.

Digital Drew SEM accepts clients at every level from new start-ups to veterans in their perspective fields.  Our primary goal is to help your business grow and evolve the same we way we do with ours irrespective of your budget small or large.

We encourage all business owners or aspiring business owners to take advantage of our consultations to gain an insight to our offered services and learn how we can help you grow. If interested send an email with your domain to drew@digitaldrewsem.com. Not based in New York city not a problem we are also available by phone as or conference call as well.

Peri B. Edelman

Peri Edelman

CompanyPeri B. Edelman, Attorney at Law
Profession: Immigration Attorney
Phone(212) 267-5225
Fax(212) 766-2298
Address225 Broadway, Suite 1901 • New York, N.Y. 10007


Peri B. Edelman, Attorney at Law

Peri Edelman is a highly skilled and effective immigration lawyer based in New York City, with over 20 years of experience serving clients. She has provided immigration legal services to residents in New York City—including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. She has also provided immigration legal services to residents from areas across the United States, including, but not limited to, California, Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida.

Ms. Edelman has experience representing individuals, families and corporate clients who require immigration services. Immigration client services include Family Immigration, Employment Immigration, Deportation Defense, Consular Cases, Non-Immigrant Visas, Humanitarian Visas, as well as, Naturalization.