Alex Leybov

Alex Leybov

Company: LBV Equities
Profession: Commercial Real Estate Finance
Power Team: Commercial Real Estate
Phone: 917-617-2548

Corporate Overview:

LBV Equities is a boutique commercial real estate consulting firm launched in September 2018 to provide tailored capital solutions to property owners, builders and aspiring investors in the commercial real estate arena.
Utilizing expertise and insights gained both on and off Wall Street, LBV Equities assists commercial real estate investors in sourcing debt and equity capital, helping to negotiate transaction terms, and advising with regard to commercial real estate investment strategies.
The firm’s debt capital focus lies primarily between $2 and $200 million, leveraging a network of 100+ capital markets relationships.   

In the case of equity or preferred equity capital, LBV Equities aspires to match clients of similar investment philosophies, ensuring that long-term and amicable relationships are able to flourish and be sustained.

Although based in New York City, LBV Equities has a national scope, frequently pursuing assignments across the entire United States.

About the Founder:

After 14 years in the institutional commercial real estate debt markets, Alex Leybov is LBV Equities’ principal.  Alex’s experience in the industry spans corporate REIT and REOC credit analysis and lending, structuring, CMBS securitization, and commercial mortgage underwriting and origination.

Throughout his career, Alex has helped to launch and build numerous commercial real estate lending businesses within a variety of banks and REITs.  Most recently, Alex headed CMBS lending and bridge loan production management at Arbor Realty Trust, a publicly traded mortgage REIT.  Prior to that, he was an originator with Credit Suisse’s CMBS investment banking team, covering a multitude of mortgage broker, commercial real estate owner, and institutional client relationships across the United States.  In 2012, Alex helped to launch and grow the national CMBS lending business at Bancorp Bank, taking responsibility for the securitization component of the business.  Prior to that, Alex spent approximately six years in various roles within a publicly traded commercial mortgage REIT.