Deborah Donenfeld


Companies: Deborah Donenfeld Photography
Profession: Photographer
Power Team: Marketing
Phone: 917 848 4081

Deborah is looking to meet:
Art Directors, Creative Buyers, Photo Editors and Photo Directors in advertising agencies, magazines, catalogs, and branding agencies.  Also, small business owners and anyone needing portraits or family pictures for personal or professional use.

I’m a photographer specializing in children and portraits, shot in an authentic, natural-feeling way.

About Deborah:
Deborah Donenfeld is a photographer specializing in children, portraits and lifestyle. She has worked for magazines such as Travel & Leisure, Parents, Vogue Bambini, Milk, City and Time Out Kids, as well as for advertising and private clients.  

What makes it such a fun and pleasant experience to work with Deborah?  Deborah’s uniquely calm and positive nature translates into a relaxed atmosphere that is beneficial for all involved. Looking to see where her subjects will lead her, she incorporates this reality into her own vision, making for natural and authentic-feeling pictures. She loves the spontaneity and unpredictability of working with children, and both children and parents enjoy her easy-going attitude and obvious love of the work. Deborah has a natural ability to put her subjects, adults and children, at ease.  

Deborah lives in New York City with her two children.